Wunjo Sports very first Sales Managers starting on May 1st

Back in October 2018 Wunjo Sports launched into its first two stores in Norway. Following that decision we wrote an article around why we changed strategy from “online only” to a multi-channel approach. Since then we have talked to several stores and are now, slowly but surely, entering into more stores in Norway, and we hope that we can cover most of Norway by next year.

However, given that North America is our largest market to date, followed by our home market Norway, we wanted to address that market properly. Since there are obvious differences between working in a small market in Norway (population 5 million) and large countries like Canada, US and Continental Europe, we needed to be more hands on and “local” if we wanted to make any sort of impact in those markets. And starting 1st of May we will start to change that.

We are excited to announce that starting 1st of May we will hire our very first Sales Managers in the US and Canada! Jessica McBride (@babygofbanff, on Instagram) will head up the efforts in Canada, and Cheyne Inman (@cheyneinman, on Instagram) will be our bridgehead into the US market!

Jessica (Canada)

Several of you may know Jessica from her role as a Wunjo Sports Ambassador for the last year, and as a fantastic Ultra Runner based in Canada. Jessica is going to focus on the Canadian market for Wunjo Sports, and will surely make her mark once she gets going. For those of you that want to get to know Jessica and her story we recommend Hilary Spires podcast “Trail Running Women”, episode 6, which features Jessica in a chat with Hilary, or the Wunjo Sports Blog article I wrote in March last year, featuring Jessica when she became a Wunjo Sports Ambassador. We have gotten to know Jessica during the last year and we are thrilled that she wanted to take her relationship with Wunjo a step further to become a member of the team.

Cheyne (USA)

Cheyne came to be a part of the ambassadors of Wunjo, much to our amazement, just a few weeks back. He reached out to us having seen our products and was curious about our ambassador program. The reason I say “amazement” is that, for those of you who do not know Cheyne, he is a US Olympic Trails Qualifier with a PB of 2:18 (!) on the marathon, a running coach and now also a Wunjo Sports Sales Manager! I strongly recommend getting to know Cheyne what he does at his site www.cheyneinman.com or on Instagram. Cheyne also have a past working as a Sales Representative for Skechers from his base in California, and we really look forward to learn from his experiences and knowledge from running.

The team at Wunjo Sports wish our two new team members the very best of luck, and we really look forward to working with them on developing the Wunjo Sports brand further in North America. Both Jessica and Cheyne are very experienced runners and know the Wunjo products and the running community extremely well, and we are thrilled to have them onboard.

Support the Wunjo Team

A while back we reached out to all of you to tip us off if you have a local store that you want us to try to recruit to the Wunjo brand - to get our products where you most like to shop your running gear. We got several suggestions, and those leads that we have not had the capacity to follow up on, will be passed on to Jessica and Cheyne. However, we still would like to get more suggestions from you. How can you contribute, and whats in it for you? At the end of this article under “How can you help, and be rewarded for your efforts?” there is a description of just that… If you have any input and suggestions for us, please reach out at info@wunjosports.com or to oystein@wunjosports.com

All the best, and stay hydrated.



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Check out Runners world on Plains Road in Burlington Ontario, should be right up your alley.

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