The very first Wunjo Ambassador.. and how to become one

Presenting the first Wunjo Ambassador...

These days every brand should have ambassadors that can test, promote and advocate for its products. Even if Wunjo is a small and sparkling new brand, the thinking has always been to connect with passionate runners that stand for the same values and have the same passion as we do. We are extremely proud to say that we have found our first one...


Presenting - Jessica!

Jessica McBride (@babygotbanff on Instagram) is the first official Wunjo Ambassador. Jessica is a marathon and ultra marathon runner in Northern Alberta, Canada. She is an advocate for others recognizing their infinite potential and in rejecting limits as she herself did not start out in life a great athlete. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle saw her morbidly obese in her early 20's. In 2016 she decided to lose the weight and subsequently started running- she has not stopped since realizing that she was born to run.

In the 2017 season Jessica placed second for women at Eddie's Half marathon, third for women and tenth overall at Whistler 50 Mile, completed three full marathons and wrote for organizations such as the Run Like a Girl organization and Women’s Running Magazine. Following season close Jessica went on to set several personal PRs on the 100km and 100mile distances on unsupported training runs while espousing her mantra that, “Pain ain't nothing but a thing.” to her local running community. It was on those training runs that she became more and more aware of the flaws in her current hydration system and how much innovation the space requires presently.

Jessica joined Wunjo for the same reasons that the company itself was named for; the desire for unending, unrelenting progress and to inspire joy. She feels that smaller businesses have the drive to truly break the wheel and better the design rather than simply remaking it slightly differently, and that that is vital not only to the hydration accessory space but to the world economy in general. We need diversity to thrive! In addressing many of the areas traditional pack companies are not yet putting out product for, Wunjo will be improving the quality of run life for many athletes; and inspiring the joy of a good run is something McBride holds dear and is proud to be a contributor to…because the joy of a good run changed her life forever.

For 2018 Jessica has already opened season at the Frozen Ass 50km, in what was described as the worst conditions in the 31year history of the race. In the face of a massive number of DNFs Jessica pressed on and was the first female finisher under 40. Looking forward in the season Jessica will represent team Salming North America and Wunjo Sports at the exclusive JaJa Trail Marathons, the 20th Red Deer Marathon, the Lone Wolf Last Man Standing Race, Eddie's Half Marathon, and the Lost Souls 100 Miler in Lethbridge.

I would urge all to go check out her blog at and to follow her on her journeys on Instagram at

Jessica is also the first one outside the team to join the Wunjo Innovators group to help shape the direction of the Wunjo products going forward.


Want to become a Wunjo Ambassador?

We are still looking for ambassadors, and we will be searching for the right candidates during this spring. There will be an application form posted shortly where you can provide some details on you, your activities and why you want to join the team as an ambassador. What we are looking for is real people - not elite athletes or "superheroes" - but you should have some level of followers on social media, and - most importantly - have a passion for building a brand that want to make a difference.

As we are a new brand, we do not have the financial means to pay our ambassadors, but we will provide you with equipment free of charge, promotion on both social media and through our blog, and an affiliate account with special privileges. We will be looking to sign 4-7 Wunjo Team ambassadors before summer.

Be sure to keep an eye out for further details when April gets here..

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Philippe Gendron

I just discovered Wunjo and honestly, I love the philosophy of offering the greatest product for a much better price than the other brands. This is a much appreciated in a domain where everything seems to be so expensive. I can’t wait for the hydration vests come out!
I am a marathoner but i still love being out in the woods doing trail running. This combination seems to be ideal for me. I get a great balance between the hard surface of the road and the ever-changing terrain of the woods.
If you are still looking for ambassadors, I live in Quebec CIty and hang out with a variety of runners of all strengths and preferences. (trail, road, hybrids, triathletes, beginners and advanced) I would really appreciate being an ambassador for a company with such good values.
Even without being an ambassador, I will certainly buy the vest!
I hope everything goes according to plan for your business until the launch!
Philippe Gendron
Quebec City, Canada

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