The Wunjo Story

"We set out to create an hydration solution alternative to the high-priced top brands currently in the market. I really feel we succeeded.. I hope that we can keep developing hydration solutions also beyond the first products, creating a lasting alternative to the Big Brands"

Øystein Nygård, 
Runner & Founder of WunjoSports


The story about Wunjo Sports started back in 2016 when Øystein Nygård, a Norwegian runner and entrepreneur, was looking for a hydration backpack to replace his old one. The alternatives for the backpack he wanted was so expensive that he started to check out alternatives to the available products in the stores.

After in-depth search for alternatives and research into the production cost and possible suppliers, he entered into a cooperation with a manufacturer of hydration solutions for some of the big brands to develop a brand by and for the athletes - both the amateurs and the professionals - that does not maximize profit, but functionality, quality and price.

The name Wunjo came up in a discussion with his, then, 12 year old son about the meaning of the old Norse runes. The wunjo rune stands for all that he felt when he was out in the woods running the trails - this was also what he wanted a brand to reflect.

The Wunjo brand launched in February 2018. Hopefully it will continue to be an affordable, high-quality alternative for all the cardio athletes and trekkers around the world for a long time.

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