So, why the change in strategy?

We have gotten the question a couple of times already and wanted to tell a little more about our reasoning behind changing from the “hard core, online only" focus, to entering into our two first sporting goods stores just last month.

Ever since we started selling our products we have gotten the question now and again - where can I try, see and test your backpacks? I really want one, but would very much like to try one out first… The answer so far, in most cases, have been that there is no way to try & test if you are not close to where we live, or catch up with us at a race or event. Even with great reviews and enthusiastic feedback from all those that have bought our products, it still is something about the touch & feel before you buy…

That is why we in early September made the choice to start talking to our local sport outlet, and they bought into the brand and the thinking behind it. I must say, it is for sure something special to see something you have worked hard on for a long time on the back of a runner in the street or on display in your favourite sports outlet…

But the main reason for this pivot in strategy is to give all you customers, and potential customers, of Wunjo the opportunity to try, test, look, feel and re-stock your favourite Wunjo products where you go to shop your gear.

How can you help, and be rewarded for your efforts?

Of course, this new approach  is easier to implement in our native country Norway than it is in Canada, Germany, UK or the US. This is where you come in… If you want YOUR local sporting goods store to carry the Wunjo products, reach out to us with the contact details (email preferred..) of your local store, and maybe talk to the owner to ask if it would be interesting to him or her to try us out.

All the support and help we have gotten from all you early customers and bold adventurers into the “unknown” world of brand new sporting goods, have been amazing. The feedback given from countless runs and treks throughout Europe and North America have given us the belief that our mission is actually possible to realize - to provide a viable alternative to the large brands, with the same quality at a fraction of the price. But to realize our mission we also need to get the products out to all current and potential customers..

Of course, your efforts to recruit local stores shall not go unnoticed… If your work leads to a new Wunjo outlet, you will receive all those Wunjo products that you currently don´t own already, AND the upcoming Wunjo 15L hydration backpack…

So, what do you need to do?

Send an email to with the name of the store, the name of the owner, the location and preferably an email. This could also be a phone number. The location and a short description of the store is also very helpful.. If you also can talk to the owner to verify if it would be interesting to them if we reach out, that would be even more awesome.

This offer is not time limited, and will be valid until further notice.

If you have ANY questions or comments, please reach out at the above email.

On behalf of the Wunjo team,


Founder, Wunjo Sports

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