Wunjo X1 GrabIT! - handheld hydration

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Single strap handheld system contoured to fit your hand perfectly, making hydrating fast and easy. Made of form-fitting and soft neoprene material for lightweight and comfortable use
  • The pocket feature a 500 mL handheld Soft bottle adjustable to fit the size/shape of your hand. BPA Free & Dishwasher safe.
  • Small pouch for storage (fit for a 4,7 inch or below smartphone), enough for your small essentials.
  • Reflective color paneling for high visibility. 
The soft bottle deflates as you drink and will reduce in size. If you want to keep the size and shape of the bottle constant, you can blow into the bottle to keep it inflated when you are running.

    Includes a Wunjo 500 Softbottle