24-hour Enduro OCR World Championships - Wunjo Ambassador goes into battle Down Under

There are people that really like to conquer new frontiers and to constantly challenge themselves. Brand new Wunjo Ambassador, Hege Henriksen, is one of those...

As the rest of us settle in for the weekend, Hege is traveling Down Under to participate in The 24-Hour Enduro OCR World Championships. The event will be held June 9-10, 2018, just outside of Sydney, Australia - with Hege at the starting line... The event will utilize a lapped based racing format and features 30 obstacles per 11km lap. The participants battle through as many times as they can manage in 24-hours..

Hege Henriksen (@minhege, on instagram) have always been doing a variety of different sports -dancing, running, skiing, basketball - you name it.. But the OCR (OCR - obstacle course racing) scene was new to her until 2015 when she accidentally got  thrown into the Toughtest 24h xtreme OCR team race, where her team qualified for the World Championships later the same year, finishing 4th in their age group. She was hooked...

Hege has focused on the long OCRs since then, using ultra running as a run-up to the OCR races. 

This weekend she is entering into her dream race - the 24-hour OCR Enduro World Championship race - the very first in its kind.

The team at Wunjo is thrilled to be able to support Hege in her journey, and have all possible body parts crossed and best wishes sent out in the direction of Australia this weekend - The BEST OF LUCK, Hege!

Hege will be working with us the coming year, and we very much look forward to getting her feedback on the products she is testing. 

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