Seen in the wild... Wunjo backpacks hit the trails throughout Europe

Last week provided yet another milestone for us at Wunjo with the first backpacks delivered to customers, with us eagerly awaiting the first user feedback from out in the wild and on the trails where our backpacks belong.

And the first pictures and feedback provided from around Europe and North America was great! We have been so fortunate as to been given permission to post some of the pictures on our site and on our instagram profile for you all to see.



The picture says it all...


"Great product. A lot of pockets. All easy accessible. Easy to wear, even if you have a lot of stuff in there it doesn`t shake around. Both thumbs up!"


Used the Wunjo X5 Ultra on the 50 miles Highland Fling, just days after receiving it.. Congratulations to Robin for a great achievement in a brutal race!

Thank you to all customers that let us use their pictures. It means a lot to us.

All the above is all well and good, but in full disclosure - the first round of direct shipments from the factory also have had its issues. All have received their backpacks, but some have bottles missing from their orders, which we of course will ship ASAP after we get the products to our warehouse. This is most unfortunate, and we will make sure it never happens again. 

There have also been some orders where Wunjo will refund customs cost for the customer. This will not be an issue in the future as products will be shipped from within the EU or US/Canada.

All in all, the first shipments have been made, and the packs are out there to be used and enjoyed. Now the real work begins for us at Wunjo - spreading the word and convincing runners around the globe to try us out as a affordable, high quality alternative to the big brands we all know

Alle the best,

The Wunjo Team

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