Introducing the Wunjo Insulated Hydration Tube

Wunjo Sports is launching a separate, insulated tube for use as a replacement tube on the 1500ml bladder that have been on the market for some time. The tubes are easily interchangeable with the quick-release on the bottom of the bladder, and is a great addition to make running in cold weather more comfortable.

The tube is wrapped in a neoprene layer that keeps the liquid in the tube fluid for longer even in subzero temperatures. However, the tube is no guarantee from ice clogging up your tube, but it is a great help to avoid that happening for longer. In combination with a bladder cover, like the one provided with the X5 hydration backpack, the insulated tube give you additional time before your liquid freezes solid.

For old customers that already have bought the X5 or the X2, the price of the Wunjo Insulated Tube is only $5.90 + shipping, and for those buying the Wunjo 1500 Bladder, the X2 or the X5, you get 50% off the price of the insulated tube as well. The retail price of the Wunjo Insulated tube is $11.90 + shipping.

Get it here!

In addition to getting it online at it will also be available at the Sport1 Stores in Nittedal and Gran shortly.

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