First shipment of Wunjo products to customers this week

For all companies it is for sure something special when your products ship to real customers for the first time. This week this happened to us at Wunjo.

Shipments for all our pre-order customers, outside of Norway, will ship from the factory by express TODAY! For all Norwegian customers and the competition winners, there is a collective shipment to our warehouse for pick, pack and shipment to the customers next week. We even hope to hand-deliver some of the orders ourselves.. Not to worry - we will contact you before showing up at your doorstep...

Together with the express shipments to customers, we will also get a small batch of products that will be used as race prices and for a limited sale at pop-up stores around. The full batch of products will arrive in out warehouse mid- to late May, as it looks now.

This marks an important turning point for us at Wunjo, with products out in the wild - being used by its new owners. We really hope that all that have bought, and all of you that will buy in the future, give feedback and suggestions for improvements from your experiences with the products. And, we LOVE pictures - please snap some pictures of yourself using the Wunjo products, and send them to us. And if you let us, we will for sure post it to our Instagram..

Get out there and run!

The Wunjo Team

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Awwww i’m so happy! I’m not good in the sport “waiting” 😅 you are so superb!!!

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