Ambassador application process is live!

Since we launched 2 months ago to the day, we have had several asking us if we planned to add an ambassador program. We have always planned on doing so, and as of today we will be accepting applications for 6-9 positions as Wunjo Ambassadors in North America & Europe. 

So, what are we looking for?

We are looking for a dedicated and energetic runner or other cardio athlete that can promote the Wunjo Brand for the next 12 months. It is also important that you know you way around social media (in particular Facebook and Instagram) and have a respectable following on one or more platforms.

We will also be favoring those that have tried and tested one or more of the Wunjo products and actually love the products. We want to be genuine in our marketing, and so should our ambassadors.. However, it is not a must to be a Wunjo product owner.

It is important that you have some experience with hydration products, but you do not have to be any sort of expert in the matter.

The Wunjo story and the values surrounding the company and why it was started are important to us. Our future ambassadors must subscribe to that vision and have a passion for making affordable, high quality hydration solutions available to all.

What you can expect to receive

As we are a brand new company our marketing budget is not that big. For the first 12 months you will receive the Wunjo products that you do not otherwise own, and your own discount code to share with friends and family. We also plan to add an affiliate network to the Wunjo store, to give you the opportunity to profit from you efforts on our behalf.

What we expect in return

We would like to have you participating in the general promotion of Wunjo as best you can. This means mentioning us in your posts related to running or training (with full disclosure), giving us the opportunity to repost and use your pictures that are relevant to Wunjo, and using you as a reference customer on our website and in other marketing. We have an ambassador contract we use that we will forward to those that are offered ambassador status.

The process of becoming an ambassador

We will start accepting applications as of today. We have no set deadline for when all Ambassadors should have been chosen, but rather we would like to chose the right ones. That means we will start evaluating applications on the 1st of June, and continue adding ambassadors we feel is the right fit and catering to any and all applications submitted to us.

What should you forward in your application?

Write a short pdf containing your application text describing why you would be a great choice, and include your email, instagram username, link to your blog (if any), facebook profile and other relevant social media handles. Send it to and we will add the application to the process.

Best of luck!

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